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Rhett feng company was founded in 2006, is located in the shenzhen guangming new city hai street in shuikou sixth industrial zone xu hair science park 7 buildings, 3 a, 3 floor. Covers an area of 38000 square meters, with independent intellectual property rights of core technology, specializing in the design of the new energy storage structure and production of high-tech enterprises. Company for a long time with high quality products and service with advanced equipment, perfect enterprise management and the customer's trust and support, has quickly become the new energy power battery structure products and solutions for the top level of the professional suppliers.

Company after years of unremitting efforts, the technical accumulation, with a high demand for quality, is now with the international famous manufacturers ATL, hin tech center, China aviation lithium electricity, new energy, camel lishen, amd, the Chinese academy of sciences, in wanda, hin, samsung, LG, panasonic, etc to make the cooperation, establish long-term strategic partnership.

The company constantly optimize the internal management, strengthening technical innovation, continuous development of automation engineering, as companies for market share continue to increase, the growing workforce, the company into a new stage of rapid development, expand the scale of the office, by the shenzhen headquarters as the core, the business following the development of the cooperative production base construction plan, in the second half of 2016 planning: changzhou, ningde two production base, improve the efficiency of management, ensure on time delivery of products, fast to meet customer demand.

Rhett company since its establishment, uphold the integrity-based, first-class technology, quality first, customer first business philosophy, to revitalize national industry as own duty, for high-end market positioning, to promote the harmonious development of the people, cars and natural. We will continue to carry on the independent innovation, constantly improve product quality and service level, with advanced technology and management methods, innovation and development, and lead the development, improve the quality of life for people, make science and technology, environmental protection, harmonious green traffic channel, fight for our country (strong, make contributions to their homes.

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