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Rhett feng company was founded in 2006, is located in the shenzhen guangming new city hai street in shuikou sixth industrial zone xu science park 7 buildings, 3, 3 floor. Covers an area of 11500 square meters, with independent intellectual property rights of core technology, specializing in the design of the new energy storage structure and production of high-tech enterprises.


Reid Fung has been able to design and processing of various professional precision die, continuous drawing die, compound die, bending die, die engineering and other metal molds and metal stamping products; Taiwan has advanced precision stamping equipment, high-speed precision Pu material stamping equipment, Japan's Mitsubishi precision CNC, other processing equipment, precision molds and complete product testing equipment, etc. ..More>>
Address: Shenzhen City, Guangdong Komeito Zhendong Hang East Road 5
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