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Application Process:
a. Delivery to resume recruitment company dedicated mailbox (
. B Please specify message subject "certain candidate status" or on the web directly Zhuobo submit your resume;
. C The candidate who meets the company call or email to arrange an interview or to the company by other means interview;
. D determine whether to hire;
e. valid ID admitted students to the company report.

Interview data:
a identity cards, academic certificates and other original documents;.
b. Personal resume

Press Release:
a. dimethyl hospital health certificate and a copy of the original
b. inch photo 3
c. CCB Shenzhen local card and a copy of the original

Contact information:
a: Phone: 0755-33785375
b: Fax: 0755-27540820
c: Contact: Mr.
d: Recruitment dedicated mailbox

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