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Shenzhen rhett feng precision manufacturing technology co., LTD was established at the beginning of the pay attention to talent absorption and cultivation, to form a batch of 863 planning project director for the core of the technical team, has established a perfect system of research and development, at present our company research and development staff of 30, including three master's degree, has the strong ability of scientific research and development and technological innovation, to ensure the company in the market competitive environment stands at the forefront of the new energy development.

Currently, rhett feng patented more than 50 items, the company in the talent and the research and development equipment, scientific data and literature, results, etc., in addition to using their own resources, will also take the introduction, cooperation and sharing to make full use of human resources of science and technology. At the same time, the company strengthen in the process of implementing project management mechanism, make overall planning, macro guidance, cohesion, resources match 臵 project, and the project management, realize the maximization of the comprehensive utilization of resources of science and technology to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

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