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Power equipment new energy industry weekly report: power battery to push a new national standard, lo


Zhou point of view: power battery to push the new national standard local competitive enterprises hope to take advantage of the opportunity to expand the territory. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is revising the "new energy vehicle production enterprises and product access management rules" (revised draft), which is expected to be issued in the third quarter at the earliest. In the new draft, power battery testing is required to pass the "automobile power battery monomer and system production enterprise extension inspection requirements", otherwise the new energy vehicles carrying the battery will not be able to enter the promotion catalog, can not get subsidies. The new standards are scheduled to be fully implemented one year later, on July 1, 2017.


Technologically, the impact of the new national standard is twofold. First of all, the ministry requires has entered the public announcement of enterprises also have to be tested again, "has been listed in the announcement of the monomer enterprises, should according to GB/T31484-2015, GB/T31485-2015 and GB/T31486-2015 three standards, the typical product to test, and in 2016 by the end of June to submit with power battery testing qualified authority to issue inspection report, fails to submit the cancellation notice." Second, not included in the announcement of the monomer and system enterprises more stringent requirements, "in the declaration of the" specification conditions ", should be in accordance with the standards listed in the appendix of the typical product testing requirements, and provide a power battery testing qualification agency issued by the test report. When applying for system enterprises using single products of enterprises not listed in the catalog, they shall submit the single product test report issued by the power battery test qualification agency at the same time. The threshold increase helps high-quality battery enterprises stand out. Recommended: BYD, Guoxuan Hi-Tech, Changxin Technology.

Suggestions to focus on the small market value of the transformation of the company, the fundamentals of clear improvement of Beijing Kerui, Jiuzhou Electric. At the same time, the solar thermal plate recommended Hangzhou Boo shares, smart grid, stable growth plate recommended Sifang shares, energy storage plate recommended Nandu Power, photovoltaic plate focused on Linyang Energy.

2. This week's market review: the power equipment sector fell 0.04%, new energy vehicles, lithium battery index performance is good, the strong constant strong. Power equipment index fell 0.04% this week, transmission and transformation equipment, primary equipment up 0.04%. Secondary equipment down 0.25%; In the new energy power generation sector, photovoltaic fell by 0.57%, wind power by 0.81%, and nuclear power by 1.93%; Among the new energy vehicles, the index of new energy vehicles increased by 4.57%, the index of lithium battery increased by 1.25%, the index of charging pile increased by 0.18%, and the index of fuel cell increased by 2.18%. In industrial control, the industry 4.0 index rose 1.41%, the robot index rose 0.59%, and the energy Internet index rose 0.65%.

3. Highlights of the week

1) Power battery to push the new national standard, local competitive enterprises hope to take advantage of the opportunity to expand the territory;

2) Yunnan plans to invest 4 billion yuan to build charging facilities for electric vehicles within 5 years;

3) The Transport Bureau of Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport organized a training meeting on pure electric time-sharing leasing business.

4. Investment Suggestions: Maintain the "Recommended" rating of the new energy industry of power equipment. Recommending companies: Jinzhi Technology, Sinoma Technology, Beijing Kerui, Jiuzhou Electric

5. Risk Tip: Market Systemic Risk; Macroeconomic downturns affect demand; Major policy changes in the industry.

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