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Aimed at 35 billion structural parts of the


The global epidemic spread, but it does not seem to affect the head power battery enterprise expansion rhythm. Since 2020, including Ningde Times, LG Chem, Panasonic and other front-line enterprises launched a round of global power battery production capacity "new infrastructure".

Behind the expansion of production capacity, the biggest driving factor comes from the huge supporting gap after the electric transformation is clear.

In the two main battlefields of Europe and China, under the policy of combining the carrot and stick, all major car companies have put forward clear electrification target. Take Volkswagen as an example, its global electric vehicle sales target is to reach 2 million by 2025. This means more than 100GWh of power battery requirements. This has led it to get more deeply involved in batteries to ensure future supply.

By 2023, global demand for electric vehicle batteries is expected to be 406GWh, while supply is expected to be 335GWh, a shortfall of about 18%, according to the data. This shortage is expected to continue until 2025, with a supply shortfall of about 40%. The urgency of the expansion of the head enterprise can be seen from this.

Battery capacity expansion at the same time, the upstream industry chain matching is also indispensable. Whether in Europe or China, including positive and negative electrodes, diaphragm, electrolyte, structural parts and other industrial chain segmentation of the head enterprises are in intensive expansion of production, for the future supporting needs of the head enterprises.

As one of the leading companies in the field of power battery structures, RedFung is also preparing for the next huge market demand kick-start.

In March 2019, Redfeng moved its headquarters to Changzhou Jintan, becoming an important link in the Jintan new energy industry cluster. The latest development is that not long ago, with the strong support of the local government of Changzhou, Redfeng completed the introduction of a new round of large-scale special industrial funds. According to the rhythm, after the capital import, it will further improve the strategic layout of the major production bases at home and abroad, to prepare for the next core customers of globalization.

"Accelerating capital import is to prepare for the next large-scale market launch." Mr. Wang Yousheng, Chairman of Redfeng, judged that the market demand for structural parts was huge, and enterprises that had deeply bound high-quality customers had to keep up with the pace of customers.

Since its establishment in 2006, Redfeng has established a firm foothold in the field of power battery structural parts. With long-term technical accumulation, Redfeng has become the core supplier of head battery enterprises including Ningde Times, and has further extended its tentacles to many international customers. But as global electrification becomes more clear, a bigger change is imminent.

As a key component of power batteries, structural parts have a direct impact on battery safety, airtipability, energy efficiency, etc. Its cost accounts for about 7% of the total cost of the battery. When compared with the negative electrode, diaphragm and electrolyte liquid phase, the unit value of structural parts is about 40-50 million yuan /GWh at present.

This means that according to the global power battery production capacity demand of 406GWh in 2023, the output value of supporting structural parts exceeds 20 billion yuan, and by 2025, the market space will exceed 35 billion yuan.

5 years nearly 7 times the growth, and the demand is concentrated in the head power battery enterprises, which makes Wang Yousheng both excited and nervous.

Excited is, for rhett feng has binding core customer, market imaginary space enough "sexy", and the tension is, want to good want to eat the cake, keep up with the pace of the new energy industry development, will have to be in the strategic planning, global layout, technical research and development, management innovation, process reengineering, lean production, talent team construction, and other aspects, and the core customer do "TongPinGongZhen", and serve customers heart and soul.

In this excitement and tension, on the one hand, Redfeng has completed a new round of capital introduction, on the other hand, it started the company from the outside to the inside of the comprehensive adjustment and change.

In terms of customer development, Redfeng has deeply bound a number of head battery customers and the core models of international car companies. For the development of the next few years, Redfeng has laid a solid foundation. In the recent customer extension strategy, it mainly centers on domestic head customers and European power battery customers.

Wang Yousheng judgment is, China and Europe are two main global electrification, especially in Europe, as no lithium electricity industry chain, so there is a huge market opportunity, reed is abundant in the European market to develop a according to the domestic enterprises make corresponding head, the second is to develop new European home power battery enterprises.

In the layout of the production base, Redfeng based on customer strategy, in accordance with the domestic and overseas two lines to promote. R&D in two places, manufacturing in many places, global delivery, close service.

In China, Changzhou Jintan, as the headquarters and high-end R & D and manufacturing base of Redfeng, is the core strategic base of Redfeng, which mainly supports the Yangtze River Delta customers. Shenzhen as the manufacturing base, mainly supporting customers in the Pearl River Delta, Sichuan base mainly supporting customers in the southwest region, in addition to Qinghai and Ningde bases, mainly supporting local core customers.

At the same time, in the context of a new round of European power battery capacity infrastructure, Redfeng has also begun to plan to set up factories in Europe, to cooperate with the existing core customers, and international customers to expand and extend.

In terms of products and business extension, based on existing products, we cooperate with core customers to upgrade and iterate products. At the same time, we make forward-looking technology reserve and product research and development in the field of solid-state battery, hydrogen fuel cell and new energy vehicle structural parts.

After the external strategy and layout are clear, the internal adjustment and optimization have been carried out simultaneously.

The first step of internal adjustment is the maturity and perfection of the talent echelon.

Under the premise of ensuring the stability of the core team, Ruidefeng constantly absorbs talents from different fields such as power battery enterprises, automotive enterprises and top manufacturing enterprises, and comprehensively improves the comprehensive strength of the company in manufacturing capacity, process quality, fund utilization, technical strength, management ability and so on.

Ruidefeng deputy general manager Luo Jianwen said that the diversified team composition, coupled with flat flexible management, so that the company formed the core team centripetal force, at the same time, the company has formed a unique advantage in product development, production management, quality control, market development and other aspects.

"Market competition requires the establishment of a Wolf team, so that Redfeng has a keen sense of market smell and flexible and fast action, so as to prepare for the next scale expansion, really make customers satisfied, which is the first major purpose of Redfeng.

Under the high pressure of power battery industry chain cost reduction, enterprise internal management and system optimization play an important role.

In this link, Redfeng actively plans to promote internal reform through lean production, project cost management, internal process optimization and other ways, shorten the process to improve efficiency and reduce waste.

Hu Guangrong, manufacturing operations director of Redfeng, introduced that through the introduction of a professional team of lean management experts, the production and operation management team was followed up with training and guidance. With the help of external professional forces and combined with the actual situation of Redfeng, the overall improvement of the production and operation team was carried out to continuously optimize the quality, cost and delivery.

On the promotion of quality, product consistency and stability when large-scale manufacturing is important considerations when customers choose components suppliers, to focus on this, rhett feng on the product quality control for long-term investment, through the whole process of monitoring and tracking mode, in a professional and strict quality control mechanism, to ensure good quality control effect.

In terms of cost reduction, from the second half of 2019, Redfeng began to try out "forced cost management method", through planning -- implementation -- inspection -- improvement, to achieve dynamic cost control process. In addition, it has driven cost reduction through structural optimization, process improvement, replacement of materials, introduction of automation equipment, improvement of internal integrated management capabilities, and optimization of processes.

At the same time in terms of product delivery, rhett feng continues to dig the customer requirements, compression internal material management processes, improve operational efficiency, plans to start from customers, rapid transformation in the factory the week of month and day plan, establish quick response of materials and production reporting system at the same time, achieve rapid response, flexible production, with the help of automatic power and process information construction, make production efficiency level up to the industry benchmark.

As a key link of the power battery industry chain, the supply chain in the field of structural parts also needs to reach the level of vehicle standards. In this regard, both automotive enterprises and battery enterprises have put forward clear requirements. Redfeng has also invested great efforts to build a supply chain system.

In the building of supply chain system, Redfeng first is to build long-term cooperation and stable development of partnership with suppliers; Second, the supplier management platform was established to improve the overall capability of suppliers, promote the project cost management mechanism, and optimize the outsourcing cost; The third is to cooperate with strategic suppliers, strengthen research and investment in basic materials, and maintain the smooth implementation of the integration strategy of battery structural parts; the fourth is to strengthen the supply chain management team, and improve the overall strength.

"There is still a huge market opportunity on the power battery components track, but at the same time, there will be increasing market concentration among the top players in this segment."

Wang Yousheng said that structural parts enterprises should quickly establish competitive barriers in the next two years. On the basis of binding and selecting high-quality core customers, they must strengthen technology investment, product development, production capacity expansion, production area cooperation, quality and cost reduction to meet the needs of core customers and keep up with the pace of development of core customers.

After completing a series of adjustments, Redfeng's vision is to become the leading service provider of solution development and design in the global precision structural parts industry in the next 5 years.

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