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Red Fairy Technology Breaks Ground for Intelligent Industry Park (PhaseⅠ) in Changzhou


In the trend of large-scale production of new energy industry, to upgrade the intelligent manufacturing system and to promote the quality control to reach a higher stage has become an undoubted choice to raise the efficiency of production and the quality of product .

When studying the new energy battery cells, the structure parts are the key components which have an direct impact on the safety, airtightness and performance of battery. Also the welding effect between the Cover and the Can plays an important role in safety and function of battery.

Facing such fiercely competitive market, to promote the high-end and intelligent manufacture has become the key measure to raise its safety and practicability for li-ion battery enterprise.

On April 18th 2024, Red fairy Technology (RDF) held the groundbreaking ceremony for the intelligence industry park (phase I). In the ceremony Yousheng Wang, the chief of board, said that it’s a milestone for RDF. Efficiently pushing the project landed, the company would continuously provide high-quality product, service, and delicacy management, making the project landed to build a high-quality and high-level intelligent industry park together.


As a major project of high-end and intelligent for RDF new energy structures, the industry park would integrate advanced manufacture technology and information technology. By setting an example of production mode transition which empowers the enterprise for high-quality development, the company is going to set an intelligent manufacture benchmark regionally even nationally. The whole area of the industry park would be around 128K ㎡,and it’s planed to go into operation in 2025.


Started in 2006, RDF is one of the leading enterprises for new energy structure parts in China. It has standardize plants in Changzhou Jiangsu, Shenzhen Guangdong, Dongguan Guangdong and Yibin Sichuan, which are equipped with advanced automatic production lines. The company also has multiple 24-hours stand-by sales service centers nationally to provide new energy structure parts.  

Since establishment, RDF entrenches itself in the new energy precision structure parts field, and cooperated with global leading li-ion battery enterprises by accumulated technology during the long term. In terms of team building, RDF has continuously absorbed talents from different fields such as battery enterprise, car-makers and other manufacture enterprises. Thus it has a powerful and core technical team and a completed research and development system.

Nowadays RDF owns a technical team with hundreds of engineers who have strong research development and technical innovation capability, which helps comprehensively promote the ability in manufacture, process and management.

In the era of large-scale and high-performance manufacturing, product consistency and stability are important indicators when customers choose structural parts suppliers. Focusing on it, RDF has made long-term investment in product quality control. By the whole process monitoring and tracking mode with professional and strict quality control system, it ensures good quality control effect.

The secrets that RDF achieves high-speed increase in new energy are the optimized supply chain management and the deep understanding on customers’ demand and pain points.

When building the supply chain system, RDF focuses on establishing long-term and stable partnership with suppliers. It helps the project cost management to decrease the outsource cost. By cooperating with strategic suppliers, RDF invests on the study of basic material to maintain the smooth implementation of the new energy structure components integration strategy.

At present the li-ion industry is facing a new turn of industry cycle. The excess capacity and price fluctuation have influenced the development of enterprises, and the slower-down increase speed and more fierce competition shake the confidence of enterprises. Though under such severe condition of demands adjustment, RDF make active preparations and is ready for the challenge.

As one of the earliest enterprises focusing on new energy precision structure parts, RDF has accumulated technology for more than 18 years. The company has a deep understanding and control on process, manufacture and material.

The groundbreaking of intelligent industry park in Jintan Changzhou is a new round of sprint launched by RDF towards the new energy industry. With the advantages of supply chain, talents, R&D capability and product technology, RDF will ride the wind and waves to achieve growth even in the severe marketing condition.

  • Aimed at 35 billion structural parts of the
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